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    Currently all jobs are for the Taiwan region only.  If you are interested in working with us, please use 104 for more information on Eden job openings and enhancing your career with us. 

    *Alert: Eden Biologics will never offer you a job directly through LinkedIn or other social media platforms. 


    By joining Eden Family, you will be working with the world-class scientists and professionals in the Biotech Industry who are optimistic in facing challenges straight on with the vision of making affordable medicine for the world.


    At Eden Biologics, all employees must have high desire to learn as the biopharmaceutical arena is always changing and growing; only with challenging ourselves will we be able to make the best quality, safety and effective products for our patients


    We believe that every employee has something to contribute for the success of any projects and of the company; therefore, we strive to build a culture that all could speak up and out, while be willing to take any constructive feedbacks.

    Making a Difference


    Have a job that you and your family can be proud.  Have a career that excite you with learning and achievement.  Join us and you will be helping millions of people everywhere.

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    Development Pathway

    We have extensive career development pathways here at Eden Biologics. We encourage and foster learning and career development for each individuals.

    Realizing Your Own Success

    We believe that the growth of an individual’s career belongs to oneself.  The company is committed to provide you the resources and the opportunity to achieve your career ambition.